Registration and accommodation booking

The registration and booking of accommodation is done in a integrated procedure by a professional conference coordinator, The Inside Edge, acredited by Kruger National Park. The link is at the bottom of this page.

Registration Fee

The registration fee (EUR300), as required by law, is charged in South African Rand. There might be minor difference due to exchange rate fluctuations.


Accommodation at Skukuza can be booked only through the link at the bottom of the page. For description of the available accommodation and costs go to Accommodation. The cost (column 3) indicated in the price list is for the number of people in column 2. The cost for any additional adult or child is indicated in the last two columns of the price list, respectively.
In principle, it is possible to get accommodation outside the park and arrange trasport every day. It is likely to cost substantially more.

Conservation fee

All visitors of South African Parks pay a daily conservation fee. For the delegates of BIOMATH 2017, the conservation fee is waived. However, all accompaning persons will be charged the conservation fee.

Optional items

The conference organiser offeres a range of optional services: transportation, meals, game drives, etc. For any of them you can also make private arrangements, if you so prefer.

Student support

The Organising Committee expects some funds for student support will be available. Students are required to complete this form and submit it together with a CV and recommendation letter from the supervisor to Roumen Anguelov ( by 28 February 2017. Applicants for support should complete the registration without making a payment. The amount of financial support will be credited directly to their conference account and they will be responsible for the balance. See Financial Aid

University of Pretoria staff and students

Please click the respective category at registration. You will pay the fee via internal transfer.

Click here to begin the registration process.

This link takes you to the website of the professional conference coordinator Inside Edge. For enquiries with the registration process please contact Angus Morton at