New: The final version of the conference book is available here.

Biomath Conference Proceedings: This volume will consist of extended abstracts of the conference oral presentations and/or posters. Size: from 4 to 6 pages in IEEE Transactions style. Deadline for submission: 15 July 2012. A normal refereeing procedure based on two independent peer reviews will be followed. It is expected that the volume will appear by the end of September 2012. Please send your manuscript as attached pdf or word file to Source files will be required upon acceptance. The style and templates in Latex and Word can be downloaded here. The sample file is adapted from original available on

Special Issues of Journals: The authors need to comply with the scope and the requirements of the journal they would like to submit to. The following journals have agreed to publish BIOMATH 2012 Special Issues:
International Journal of Computers & Mathematics with Applications
Biochemical Engineering Journal
Journal of Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment
Bulgarian Chemical Communications
Serdica Journal of Computing
Deadline for submission for all Special Issues: 30 September 2012.
Every participant in BIOMATH 2012 can submit paper for the proceedings and for one of the special issues. In the case when extended abstract in the Proceedings and an article for a special issue are both submitted, there is a standard requirement that the journal article needs to cite the extended abstract and contain substantial additional novelty.

BIOMATH 2011 Special Issues

Two special issues with selected papers from BIOMATH 2011 are currently near completion and will appear in 2012. The editorials containing also the list of papers can be downloaded from the links below. The articles are or will be soon available online from the websites of the journals.
International Journal of Computers & Mathematics with Applications:
BIOMAT 2011 Editorial
Journal of Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment:
BIOMAT 2011 Editorial