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Papers for the conference submitted before December 10, 2014, will be published in volume 3 (2), 2014, of the journal BIOMATH. The manuscripts need to comply with the journal's guidelines and style. Further, the authors are reminded of the interdisciplinary character of both the conference and the journal. The exposition in the papers should be accessible to researchers from disciplines other than the authors' own. Where there is a need, technical details (technically involved mathematical proofs, technical descriptions of conducting experiments, data-sets, etc.) should be presented as an appendix or in a separate publication in a specialized journal. A normal refereeing procedure based on two independent peer reviews will be followed. The BIOMATH journal publishes in a continuous publication mode, e. g. the papers will appear online with article ID and doi number as soon as they are accepted in final form. (See this for more on continuous mode of publishing.

In the interest of fast and efficient dissemination of Knowledge the conference organisers invite all participants to submit articles to Journal BIOMATH as soon as possible. “BIOMATH” is a biannual periodical published twice a year (in June and December) by “Biomath Forum”.

For authors who do not use latex but word:

The review of the paper is carried out using pdf files which can be generated from word. Reviewing and revisions can be carried out in word. The final version (if accepted) needs to be converted to Latex. For publication we use only pdf files compiled from Latex. We expect the authors to provide the source Latex files.

As an exception, we publishers can convert the word file to Latex. However, this to a large extend has to be done manually particularly for formulas, equations, references and figures. This work is contracted to a professional editor and there is a cost involved. Depending on the difficulty of the paper the cost can vary in the range 8--10 euro per page.

BIOMATH journal issues published so far:

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Biomath Communications (formerly "ConferenceBook")

“Biomath Communications” publishes research articles, reviews, open problems and recent advances, news and announcements related to the field of Biomathematics, abstracts of talks and posters presented at the International Conference Biomath, list of participants, etc. “Biomath Communications” is a biannual periodical published twice a year (in June and December) by “Biomath Forum” .

Biomath Communications (ConferenceBook) issues published so far:

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Special Issues of other Journals

Selected presentations will also be published in special issue of the Elsevier journal "Mathematics and Computers in Simulation". The authors need to comply with the scope and the requirements of the journal if they would like to submit.
Papers submission deadline (last extension): December 31, 2014. Guest-Editor: Prof. Rene Alt

Special Issues of other Journals published so far

Computers & Mathematics with Applications 32 (11) (1996), BIOMATH-95 .

J. UCS 2 (2) 1996, BIOMATH-95

Computers & Mathematics with Applications 64(3) (2012), BIOMATH 2011

Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment 26(5) (2012) (Bioinformatics section)

Computers & Mathematics with Applications 66(9) (2013), BIOMATH 2012

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