BIOMATH 2023YoMB 2018

Venue: Conference center (The Atrium) of Grand Hotel Pomorie

(accross the road from Grand Hotel Pomorie)

Pomorie is a historical town and a sea resort situated 15 km to the North of the city of Burgas.
Lots of history in and around.

Travel options

Participants from abroad can fly into the three major airports in Bulgaria.


Burgas airport (IATA code: BOJ) has low-cost flights (primarily London, Vienna and airports in Poland) and holiday charter airlines.
A cab to Pomorie (15 min) will cost between 50-80 leva.


Varna airport offers connecting flights via Vienna, Sofia, and Istanbul and low-cost flights (primarily London, Vienna and airports in Poland).
To arrive to Pomorie from Varna airport, take bus 409 towards the city centre, alight at the bus station (ca 15 min), and take a minibus from Varna bus station to Pomorie (ca 2h ride)


Sofia airport offers the widest choice of flight connections, but it is furthest from Pomorie.
If there are no flights between Sofia and Burgas on the date you arrive, you can make your way overland to Pomorie. To arrive to Pomorie from Sofia airport, take a train to Burgas (ca. 5h30min) from railway station 'Iskarsko shose' (second metro stop from the airport), and then a city bus to Pomorie from Burgas bus station, next to Burgas railway station, (ca. 40 min). You can also take a bus to Burgas or Pomorie from the Central Bus station in Sofia (accessible by the metro, 40-50 min travel time from the airport), but direct buses to Pomorie are infrequent before the start of high summer season.

Airport transfers
There are quite a few shuttle companies offering airport transfers from Sofia, Varna or Bourgas airports. This is expensive compared to public transport. However, if a few people travel together, it may be a feasible option. Here are links to two companies, but one can google more if needed.