MMSC 2016 School for Young Scientists
The school comprises plenary lectures and sessions for contributed talks. The lectures at the school are of more introductory nature giving foundations and insight into the respective topic rather then focusing on new results and are presented by some of the keynote speakers of the conference. A central event for the school is the Hot Topics Workshop. Several scholars act as moderators, presenting "hot areas" and related open problems. All PhD students and young scientists participating in the conference are considered members of the school. Their presentations (oral or posters) will be assessed by a jury.

NEW: PhD class of lectures
An open PhD class of lectures “Linear Quadratic Differential Games and Applications” will be provided at the Faculty of Economics, Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski” on May 9-13, 2016. The class is supported by the EEA Scholarship Programme BG09 Project Grant D03-91 under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. Two lecturers from Norway and Romania will ῢe speakers in the PhD class. Certificates for succesῳfully completed course of lectures will be awarded to the paῲticipants. The ΰlass is free for all participants. See the Program.
For information the following e-mail can be used: