Venue: Dobrich, College "Dobrich"

The international conference MMSC 2016 will take place from 18th to 24th September 2016 and will be hosted by College "Dobrich"").

College Dobrich is a part of Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”", situated in the city of Shumen.

The neareby airport is the Varna airport."

Special transport will be available free of charge from Varna airport to the conference place on September 18th, Sunday and Monday September 20th.

About Dobrich

Dobrich is the main city in the northeastern Bulgaria. Dobrich is located 40 km from Varna, sea capital of Bulgaria and the Albena Resort is reachable by car in less than 40 minutes. The participants will have the unique possibility to visit these very special parts of Bulgaria.